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free mobile website

The disposable QR4 / QR Code Generator and Mobile Website Builder are now readily available for users Worldwide in the Music business. QR4 Technologies Inc. has released the QR4Music product in to the marketplace. The product may be the first to have a 100% custom icon driven Mobile Website Builder and QR Code Generator in a application. “We elected to perform with all the music industry first as Nashville is at our backyard and the Music Industry loves new technology” says Lee Mansfield, CEO and founding father of the Chattanooga, Tennessee based company.

The QR4 DDS© application features a user friendly Mobile Profile Builder for folks, bands, or businesses. The merchandise permits the user to Brand the Display, add two feature graphics, and upload any icon to produce around the profile that links to any user related: website, sound tracks, social sites, products and services. “We linked our bands facebook, twitter, myspace and how do people icons on our QR4 Code Mobile Profile. We have a vCard about the profile that links to me” says Mandy, local Nashville promoter. See YouTube video. The vCard is yet another feature from the DDS© application that gives the scanner from the QR4 Code the opportunity to get in touch with the application user.

QR4 Codes also carry a business first, Patent Pending, QR Code Rating System. Each user is required to “Rate” the information with the Mobile Profile before they can release the QR4 Code. The ratings vary from product to product as well as the greater degree keep to the guidelines of the parent industry it supports. For example, in the event the content Associated with a QR4 Code is rated “M” for Mature Audiences, a “Notice” screen is going to be displayed for the scanner of the QR4 Code indicating the QR4 Rating; the user will likely then have the option of proceeding to determine the information or clicking away if not interested. “We felt this protection was essential to protect our users and also the end customer from viewing content inappropriate or unwanted. In addition, it gives us a strategy to remove any QR4 Code that could contain links to harmful executables or malicious intended websites” explains Jack Armstrong, Marketing Director for QR4 Technologies.

The QR4 Code is the first in support of product on the market to have links, vCard, SMS, phone, graphics and branding contained in A single QR Code. Although the QR4 EZ Reader/Scanner is available in the Android, iPhone and Chrome Web shop markets, the QR4 Code could be scanned by any QR Code Generator, Scanner or Reader.

free mobile website

QR4 Technologies Inc. is really a technology startup based in Chattanooga, Tennessee. The organization has emerged from an explosion of technology startup incentives provided by the Chattanooga Chamber of Commerce. Additionally, the Nashville office of Startup America has picked up QR4 Technologies as a featured partner along with TSBDC Tennessee Business Development Center. QR4 Technologies is situated in the INCUBATOR, a 125,000 sq. ft. center for emerging entrepreneurs inside the Chattanooga area. QR4Politics, QR4Religion, QR4Restaurants and QR4Business are the next products slated for release.

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